Friday, July 29, 2011

Wild&Wacky Science art camp day 2

We started the day using homemade clay and corks to create bugs with chenille stem legs and wings. Some of the kids decided that the corks did not fit with their plans and went on to create bugs of every size and shape. we limited the colors of clay to about 6 but that did not seem to limit the kids at all.

Next we did another splitting color project. We used washable markers and permanent markers on coffee filters to create designs. we then spritzed the filters with water to see which colors spread. The kids then used a dropper and alcohol to see if that would make the other colors spread. A bit of spritzing each other as well but water is probably OK. Our second project was a bit of a flop from an art standpoint--pounded flower prints. The flowers are a bit dry this time of year but the pounding part was a real hit. Some of the group decided that if they stamped on their project that it would squash more of the color from the petals and leaves.
Our final project of the day was a stamping project with a variety of fruits and vegetables and a paint called heavenly hues that gives a bit of a softer effect even on the fabric. They turned out pretty well and the older kids got really creative in how they used them.
Join us for a closer look at our whole day:
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