Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowman pots at WBCL

This was such a fun project for everyone. I saw a similar one on Michaels site over the holidays but wanted something more involved. We used a small clay pot, quilt batting cut into a strip, Aleens glue, a styrofoam ball for the head and hat, pom poms for earmuffs, metallic stems for headbands, yarn for the scarves, and black styrofoam trays to cut the hat brims. The group got quite creative in decorating the snowmen and one even made it to school for show and tell. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Making birdfeeders for National Bird day @WBCL

In the past we have made bird feeders from pine cones but they are in short supply and do not require any creativity or crafting skills to create. The birds do like them though. I found this pattern on the internet at Family Fun  and decided to try it instead, especially since it uses recyclable materials.  We altered it a bit to use up some sticky backed fun foam instead of crafts sticks and decorated with leftover stickers. Our handle is a chenille stem left from the holidays. Everyone got a baggie of seeds to add when they got home. Thanks to to librarian Jeanette Larson for her page of links and coloring pages. I especially appreciated the link to the National Geographic site for bird identification: