Thursday, January 14, 2010

Of pinecones and peanut butter @ WBCL

Just as the cold weather was arriving we created pinecone birdfeeders to attract a variety of birds. The group discussed what size birds ate which of the seeds and where the best places to hang the feeder might be.

This is a super easy project and more than a little messy. After I secured pinecones in the fall I left them to open as much as possible. We wrapped a wire around the top and secured it for hanging. Using creamy peanut butter and a crafts stick, we stuffed the cones fully. We then sprinkled them with mixed birdseed then rolled the cone until no more would stick to the peanut butter.

The feeder is fairly easily reloaded when the birds eat all the seeds and most of the peanut butter. Everyone seemed to have a good time.
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