Saturday, September 22, 2012

A buggy bug bottle @WBCL

After the film canister projects the next item in the basket to create a project using them was medication bottles. Seems we get a lot of them and they were just the right size for a special bug project. Not just any old bug catching box these, but we turned the bottles into bugs that could hide a bug or two with a twist of the lid. 
I provided a fairly good sized bottle with the tops that turn over so they are easily removed by kids. They then decorated the tops with big pom poms and added fun foam or construction paper wings, chenille stems for antennae and legs or other appendages and of course, eyes--self stick or wiggly. Just the thing to take to the park and catch a few bugs.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making floppy hats for Diez y Seis celebrations @WBCL

Diez y Seis hats
 This was a great project and a nice way to learn a little history too. We talked about Mexican independence day and the 202nd anniversary then launched into the project.
All it takes is a 24" x 24" piece of wrapping paper, a plastic bowl, some tape, some yarn and a tissue papper flower-which we also made. It was way too hard to form the hats on the kids' heads so a bowl is the perfect form. Some of them actually incorporated the bowl permanently into the hat. The paper is scrunched over the bowl to create a crown for the hat and taped to keep the tucks in place. We then added yarn to serve as the hatband and taped it in place. Some at this point sewed the bowl to the hat with the yarn. Last we made tissue flowers and added those. Great fashion show.
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