Thursday, July 30, 2009

The kids learn about lighthouses

Thanks to a wonderful couple, Diana & Don Carter, we were able to see examples of lighthouses around the world then create one that actually lit up from paper towel tubes, babyfood jars, and strips of paper. Some of the group got adventurous and made a cone-shapped roof on the lighthouse. Upon re-examining the pictures, doors and windows were added to nearly all the projects. We did not put on the walks around the light but most of the kids did learn how a real light house operated and many asked about the attached houses and the lighthouse keepers. I am including the link to the Carter's adventures in lighthouses: website "Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey".
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Painting pumpkins 19 and counting

When I volunteered to teach a class on pumpkin painting this spring to my friend's 56ers group, I never thought I would be painting a roomful of pumpkins as well but there you are! They are raising funds for breast cancer treatment in south Texas so how could I say "NO!" I have only 2 left to finish and am ready to give it up until October. They have turned out really great ( if I can compliment my own work.)
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Turning shells into critters

We had a fine time last night turning some inexpensive shells into the most interesting critters--cute little mice, scarry aliens, crabs and many that had no names. Sorry no pictures this week but one of the mom's took some and may share. I used 2 books--Look what I did with a shell and Exciting things to do with nature materials. They are both out of print but readily available. We have finally limited the group to 25 kids with parents and used tickets for admission. It seemed to work a lot better and everyone still had fun. (of course as families left we allowed others in but we were below the room capacity of 50)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Modern Art camp final day making mosaics

For our grand finalle we looked at pictures from professional mosaic artists, discussed materials to use, dia de los muertos art and fractals. Each child selected his own materials--glass florist beads, broken dishes, and tile pieces and made an arrangement on a 6"x 6" surface. Our grout/adhesive was a plasticy mess so we used crafts glue with great results. Seems like everyone is still having fun!
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Art camp day 2 does recyled sculptures in a big way!

First we looked at examples of sculptures from recyclables and other types then attacked the tables of supplies. The students saw possibilities in the slabs of styrofoam, cardboard tubes that held wrapping paper, bottle tops, packing corners and the ever popular metalic shred. Drink bottle were stuffed with shred, attached to plates and became hats. Foam packing from the library's computers became robots and one group created a work bench complete with tools. The most functional sculpture is a snow cannon that sprays styrofoam bits powered by the two guys who created it. Not to be overshadowed by styrofoam, the paper tubes became rafts, part of a volcano landscape and a head that had a beard then lost it.
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Recycled art is giant hit!

Again the room was packed with excited kids and their parents to turn all kinds of recyclables and not so recyclables into fabulous creations. Styrofoam packing and meat trays were the backbone of the day with drink bottle lids, spoon, and other assorted plastics as the main ingredient. We were even able to salvage some soaker hoses to add to our ingredients! Many robots were generated in addition to futuristic designs featuring tubes of sparkle shread. One family created a village, I think. When the glue guns ran out we broke out the duct tape and kept on until all were done.
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Collage frames for stamped pictures

What an easy and fun project for a hot day. We took extra book jackets from kids books and cut them up into 1/2" pieces. The kids glued these pieces onto mats for picture frames then picked out a stamp and made a couple of inserts for their frame. A couple of the boys got adventerous and stenciled ants for their insert.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Painting fans at Wells Branch 4th Fest

Thanks to the generosity of one of Dianne's painting pals, Wendy Watson, the community was able to create fans with our fun summer caracter of a WB bookworm to deal with the 104 degree heat. The fans were so popular that the booth ran out early and had only brochures left to fan themselves with.

Making visors for July 4th involves stars

So what happens when you put out a pile of visors, stars, glitter and glue and mix it with a room full of kids and parents? Wonderful glittery sparkely visors, of course! I am not sure what they liked more--making the visors or modeling them for the picture. We had 34 visors and used every one of them. Now on to the next project. Is there anything this group will not like this summer????
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