Wednesday, August 27, 2014

making sunset silhouettes @WBCL

Silhouettes are great concepts for art but hard for little kids to gasp. Doing personal silhouettes with this group is also a bit more involved than I can do in a short class. Kids do get shadows though and went for it. We drew several designs on a 1/4 page of black construction paper. My example was a barn, person, fence and tree but they could do what they wanted and they did.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Creating projects with beads and altoids tins @WBCL

I have such a stash of beads and people give me more plus I have been known to buy a bag here and there like the beautiful gold ones from Oriental Trading that doing a project with them is always a creative surprise. The kids and adults are told at the beginning that these are what ever has been thrown into the bag left from other projects so who knows what is there. I gave the tins a quick coat of flat paint then put out beads in bowls and plastic lids of Aleene's tacky glue. There was some trading between tables to get a specific bead here and there too. The results are really nice and it is easy for kids of any age to do this with help from an adult--some of whom did their own boxes.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Making sharks & whales @WBCL

Sharks and whales are certainly popular with the younger set! I got a donation of many 100s of small styrofoam cups so they were great to use for making this project. I glued 2 together and cut egg cartons up into strips so they could make fins and tales. the ends are easy to pierce with scissors to insert the tail and make teeth. a bit of gray paint and we were there. We had magazines that my helper Jolanda brought for inspiration too.