Monday, February 13, 2012

Making valentine's cards @WBCL

What is more fun that making your own heart card for Valentine's Day? For this group it would be hard to find a project that captured their creativity more. Of course we set out the things they seem to like best--glitter, sequins, and gem stones in addition to ribbons and lace and of course a wonderful felt heart as the centerpiece of the card. In past years we have made envelopes but this time we spent all of our time on the cards. Time was well spent! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter watercolor paintings @WBCL

Kids love to paint and wowing them with using watercolors always works no matter how many times they do it. The idea of the watery paint taking on part of the art just amazes everyone. This project used an interesting surface--the back side of packs of artist paper covers which is much like water color paper.
 I drew a general design of a landscape for them then turned them loose. They did the sky and dried it then the land and a river with a few trees. We added some great snowy white paint to finish the projects. All of them are a bit different and everyone was smiling. Parents are able to get into the projects with the younger kids too.