Friday, September 18, 2015

Mariachis for Diez y Seis @WBCL

We talked a bit about the holiday and celebrations including music from the bands of mariachis.  I precut the paper and used tubes that were thinner (nearer 1") than TP ones from my foodsaver rolls. The kids were really into this with 2 tables making members of the mariachi band complete with a dancer and a microphone to sing into. Even though each person was given the same basic pieces each one got a bit of a personalization as they added touches here and there.  
The mariachis turned out SO good!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day illustrated @WBCL

Sometimes art is all about the story! We had a really fun drawing and coloring project Wed on Labor day. We talked about the day then used the copied page to accent the words and draw pictures of people working or activities for enjoying on labor day. We had fun drawing a pizza guy with a chef's hat and multiple swimming pools with tubes to ride in. Lots of sparkly starts to glue on too. — at Wells Branch Community Library.