Sunday, June 26, 2016

Registration open for remaining summer Art Mini-Camps

Art Mini-camp Give your child a week of intense creativity and the freedom to do art “their way”.
Juniors:  12-3:30 Tue/Wed/Thurs  Age 7 1/2 - 12 
July 12-14  Drawing & painting - We are going to draw cartoon dogs, a cat, paint a guitar, learn to create clouds and waterfalls,  and a martian or winged fairies.  They will do a Georgia O’Keefe landscape and glass painting. We’ll pull out charcoals, pastels, great paints and have fun with them. FULL
Photos of our art guitars
August 2-4  Lets imagine it/ lets make it (Our version WACKY science) we will explore our creativity and make things that move and interact like the rolling thunder explosion and structures that bend, kaleidoscopes, spinning things, pouring things. 2 spots
August 9-11 Design it and make it--bags and mosaics and jewelry and more. We’ll create our own designs and decorate the results 

Beginners: 9-11:30 Tue/Wed/Thurs Age 4 1/2 - 7
July 19-21  Artistic fun with Foods-FULL  would it be more fun to eat a salad if it were a train or a skeleton? we will eat some of our art at the end of each day—fruit pizza, train salad, make a recipe book, decorated plates for lunch.  
August 2-4  Wild n Waacky Arty science We will make our own fossils, investigate colorful chemical interactions, create crystals, make our own clays, and explore color. 2 spots
Join us for the art mini-camp program held in Wells  Branch and sponsored by the  Wells Branch MUD.   We pack lots of activities into each week of three 1/2 day sessions: painting,  drawing, 3-D art,  fabric painting, mosaics, clay sculpture, murals, art discussions, and stories. 
$45 per week per child. All materials included. 
Each week has its own theme. Enroll for one or several. Registration in person or by phone at the WB MUD  at 512-251-9814 or visit them at 3000 Shoreline Dr.    Online registration is open with active net.
We are at the WB Rec center,  3000 Shoreline dr so it is easy to coordinate with swim team and lessons.

Camp is taught by Dianne Koehler

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Swirly Trees in chalk pastels @ WBCL

Oh wow the swirly trees turned out really good! I had the kids draw them first with lots of swirling branches then block them in with black crayon. Next made a dozen or twenty circles with white crayon then the COLOR. They got to choose their own chalk pastel colors and make dual colored dollops and grass. A couple of the kids who came in late are finishing their branches at home but good work.