Friday, July 1, 2011

Fins & Feathers art camp includes Audubon's flamingo, sharks day 1

The week started with a 2 part project. First we discussed John Audubon and viewed some of his prints then using the Picturing America print from the library we drew a flamingo standing on a rock onto watercolor paper. The campers then learned to use various watercolor techniques to complete the picture.
The results were remarkably good. Take a look at the video of the day.

Next we began our shark models. We selected the hammerhead as they are found in Texas waters and more interesting to create. The proved to be a challenge with many fins and parts but in the end they were a great project.

One of the elements we stress at camp is resource books available in the library and using time between projects to read them. The campers have created a reading "cave" under the supply table.
Book list for this week
1. All new crafts for Earth day
2. Amazing beaks
3. Beaks
4. The book of North American owls
5. Bright, lively, and loud
6. Face to face with sharks
7. Meet the peacock
8. My first fish
9. Night science for kids: exploring the world after dark
10. Ocean detectives: solving the mysteries of the sea
11. Ostriches and other flightless birds
12. Owl in the office
13. The peacock's pride
14. Seashore
15. What is a bird
16. Writings and drawings
17. Sharks
18. Super simple origami
19. Surprising sharks
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