Friday, July 1, 2011

Fins & Feathers art mini-camp day 2

In the end there were sharks circling. The campers finished their hammerhead sharks and many of the younger ones were observed circing the open spaces. We spent most of our time focusing on the undersea aspects with Ms. Hall telling a couple of fish stories then our sharks and berry box aquariums. Both of these were recycled art projects. The sharks use paper towel tubes and metallic tissue paper that was donated. 

The styrofoam for the aquarium is a bit of a mess to cut but it works really well for a base in the boxes. These are the 1 lb size that everyone got strawberries in this spring. We used chenille stems and fun foam sheets and shapes to complete the undersea worlds.

Our last project was supposed to be eagles and hawks but we turned into fabulous colorful birds and were happy for it. Take a look at our 2nd day of camp.
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