Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painting T-shirts & more @ Harker Heights Library day 2

We had fun with this one. We used plain old Haynes t-shirts and inked on a design then set the group loose with a variety of fabric paints and the instructions to add an art phrase and their name. Of course several had to add a LOT more and so it went. I also included a shot of our great name tags here from yesterday.

We always spend some time in formal drawing and were able to pull quite a few books from the library to use as a guide (and introduce the group to them for possible check-out.) We did lots of sea life, monsters and aliens to get ready for the remaining projects. The kids jumped right in and soon were asking for more paper and the books for free draw times.
I like to use materials that are a little less traditional for kids to introduce them to the possibilities in art and metallic paint and dark surfaces fall into that category. I really appreciate my friends who helped out with the paints too. We look at around a dozen slides every day to share our tastes in art and examine them but also to supply concrete examples to use in their own paintings. There are so many good ones in this group but the fish and birds turned out especially well.

Click on the slide show below to share our day.

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