Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peacocks, pelicans, and fantasy birds @ fins & feathers art camp day 3

The title says it all. We did birds today. I got bottle holders from OTC and turned everyone loose with paints and glitter to complete them. The campers were instructed to use very little water so that the colors would not run on the canvas bags. They did a great job on these. Now if I could just remember to get their names on the projects first.

Our second project I found on the internet and will definately do a couple more times with variations. We made finger print peacocks. Kat created the bodies and cut them before class. the campers created the peacock "eyes" by finger painting 3 metallic colors of paint onto paper and cutting them out. They assembled a fan of feathers between the body and a crafts stick, added the "eyes" to the feathers then put on wiggle eyes and beaks. We looked at a number of peacock paintings and pictures at the beginning of the day to prepare. 
Our last project was to create a fantasy bird using their imagination and the supplies on the tables. We had styrofoam eggs and balls, chenille stems, pom poms, wiggle eyes, and feathers of various sizes and colors. The project was placed on the end of a pencil and again the variety in the end was great. 
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