Monday, July 11, 2011

Making dragon masks @ art camp day 3

We started the day making Draco the dragon boats, a Viking boat from sparkly felt and iridescent paper twist. They had to draw their boat, cut it out and mount it on a wooden oval. They got to pick if they made a pin or a magnet. We had looked at some of the Viking longboats in the museum in Oslo, Norway earlier in the week.  

This turned out to be even more fun that we planned as the kids creativity and playfulness kicked in. Hardest part of the whole project was folding the edge of the bag. I made some templates for eyes and the mustaches but the group was free to do their bags as they wanted. We viewed a number of Chinese dragons and several New Year's dragon dances at the beginning of the day to give them an idea of what is used in traditional settings. We didn't have a lot of time to practice before the dragon dance at the end of the day but they found plenty of time to try the masks on and dance around with them anyway.

We started with a plain paper grocery bag, had a selection of colored paper and construction paper, tissue streamers, dividers from some kind of grocery item to use for horns, and a few chenille stems. Toward the end of this slide show is the video showing one of the bags in motion.
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