Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paint & Paper @ Harker Heights Library

We took the camp on the road this week and what a great group! We started the week with pastels which to most kids are just chalk until they get the good colors and dark paper. We made name tags to get to know each other then launched into the first "painting" project--glue set pastel beach scene. To do this the kids first draw their picture onto white charcoal paper--it works better as it has a bit more tooth--then either dip the pastel pieces into school glue or paint sections with the glue and rub over them with the pastels. This lets them use several colors to do shading and cover any areas that are not totally gluey with a bit of glue to seal it. Not bad at all!

Next we did a bit of science with our painting and used a few tools to help us out. We used black pastel paper and drew the planets and moons either freehand or using patterns or templates to trace circles and ovals. Then the fun began--the students colored the plantets then we helped them add highlight areas for reflected sun. One of the kids did his really softly which turned out especially nice. Another skill we learned was how to clean up the areas that get smuggy and the set the pictures with hair spray (outside.)

Our last project was to create a dimensional picture using palette knives and texture paste. We also got to use finger pouncers which are very popular. I did the background of greenish blue on squares of foam core board before class then lead them through drawing a leaf from the veins out, painting it with a palette knife and adding the veins back with the edge of the knife. We then added stems for the dandelions and used the pouncers to create the fluffy look. 

Click on the video below to share our camp day.
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