Friday, July 15, 2011

Seuss art camp day 2

The second day of Seuss art camp was phenomenally fun. This group is in love with reading and with Seuss and willing to create. We started with stories and a white lunch bag for our "going home" bag. They drew and colored the bags as they chose using books from the book nook. Some wanted to draw more familiar animals like sand crabs and giraffes or aliens but all the bags turned out great.
Take a look at the video slide show at the end.  
Then came the Yertle the Turtle project. We molded home made salt clay over an ice breaker box (a wonderful donation) then added legs, a head and a tail. I had floral beads for detailing the backs but when we offered small amounts of pink, orange, purple and light green clay the kids when into hyper create mode. What stunning turtles they made. 
A quick break for story rug--Horton hears a who--which seems to be quite a favorite then creating a Horton finger puppet from a tp tube, construction paper, a chenille stem, pompom and a face from the website. This turned out pretty good. Some of the kids had a bit of a challenge with the cutting but that is a skill for this age group so we were prepared to help them out. Everyone seems good with the glue sticks and Alene's glue on q-tips. 
Our last project of the day was a quick little dinosaur finger puppet that they colored with pencils and cut out. The dinosaurs were a bit noisy with all the roaring!

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