Friday, July 29, 2011

Wild&Wacky Science art camp day 1

We kicked off the week with the messiest project yet...our very colorful lava lamps and glitter globes. The group got to figure out which liquid floated on which and how salt and alka seltzer altered the oil/water mix in the lava lamps. They also got to see what different mixing techniques did to the glitter globes. I am so grateful for all the donated newspapers that made cleanup a snap!
We then made and decorated periscopes from CDs and long white boxes. The group had to assemble the mirror sections and install them so they were at the right angle and parallel with each other. One of the group discovered that placing 2 of the periscopes together works pretty well too.
Our last project was one of splitting light and investigating what materials would do this. We used prisms, various glass jewelery, mirrors, an acrylic award, CDs, and water prisms made from a glass dish and a mirror. The kids discovered they could bounce the rainbows all over the room and direct them where they wanted to.
Take a look at our day below:
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