Friday, July 8, 2011

Painted dragon T's and pencil toppers @ art camp

This might have been a stretch but it sure turned out great. I got black t-shirts and made a dragon stencil to start the shirts. I used so-soft paint and stamped the body onto everyone's shirt so they would have a big reptilian dragon to start painting. We used a combination of so-soft fabric paints and metallic paints to create the shirts. They were able to use finger pouncers to add dimension and to block in the wings. We even had a few 2 headed dragons and a request for a 7 headed one. (NOT)
We double dipped the stories today with Ms. Hall doing 3 at the beginning of the day and Councellor Keighla doing a couple at the end before their drawing time.
I found a cute dragon on the internet to use--a pencil topper that worked out very well. We sure had fun making them. I'll want to use all my special pencils from now on
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