Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last day of Wild & Wacky science art camp

What a busy day this turned out to be. We started by studying and creating our own kaliedescopes. We used kits that I got on-line and had great WOW factor. They were fairly simple to assemble and came with enough plastic shapes for refilling the screen or making several. We saved the extra and decorated our robots/aliens/monsters drawings at the end of the day.

Campers learned a bit more about fossils and how archaeological clean the things they find at digs. We tore open our "fossil boxes" and turned the castings upside down to brush off the most of the sand first. The kids then got stiff paint brushes and worked in a group to uncover each of the casts and figure out what had been used to create the fossil imprint. It was a little messy but very interesting to see the shapes appear.

Campers were sneaking over to the table to check on their crystals and see how well they crystallized most of the day. They took their project outside to expose them to the sun then brought them into a dark room to see them glow. I hear there was a lot of excited screeching heard and spinning involved in the viewing. 
The kids also got to learn how to do rubbings of leaves and other items. They were exploring which would make the best rubbings--pencils or markers. Not sure which one won.
Hands down, causing the volcanoes to erupt is the much waited for activity. the plaster was dry and the measuring of ingredients began. You'll note the safety glasses and an occasional jump backward. We were lucky to have squirt bottles this year which are easier to get the vinegar into the volcano and get away than pouring it in with the funnel.

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