Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Paper painting caps off 1st week of art camp

This has been a popular project each time we have attempted it as the large size surface seems to release the artistic urges in nearly everyone. We began the day reviewing artwork from some of the masters- Monet and van Gough as well as a number of current artists from modern to traditional. The group is well divided on what they like and what they do not like. They appreciated colorful but not if the design was something "weird." We were able to get the large newsprint pages and tape them to the walls. Students shared pallets, but drew their own designs and then created them. You can see their painted aprons in these pictures too. Some were very traditional others modern. A few are destined to be Father's day presents.

We completed the day with a couple of shorter projects that incorporated color and textures. We created rainbow cupcakes and cookies by mixing the colors of cupcake batter and layering them into the cups. We then painted the cookies using Karo syrup that we tinted with food coloring. Fun and very messy! Oh, and by the way--we ate the whole project!

Lastly we did a dandelion picture. some of the group created the backgounds using several colors on foam brushes. We added texture paste on pallete knives for leaves and stems then used finger pouncer balls to create the flowers. Some of the students got a little wild and pounced everywhere but most are identifiable.
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