Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paint & paper art mini-camp @WBCL

First art camp of the summer and what a group! These kids love to draw and are really engaged with the projects. We painted aprons on Wednesday and each one is as individual as the kids. It was fun to see them fill out the outlines and put their own spin on what "Color my World" meant. We then spent the rest of the afternoon doing drawings pulled from books in the library collection. Fun part is picking which books they want to check out on Friday.

 Thursday we spent most of the day using chalk pastels. These were new to most of the kids but everyone was able to complete the 2 projects. We drew a beach scene then used glue to aid us in painting the pictures on white charcoal paper. The second project I found on-line and really liked the look. I heard lots of comments from the campers about how they liked using the black paper too. We did planets that we drew then colored and shaded with the pastels. Our last project was a 4x4" tile painted in a design of their choosing. There were spider webs, unicorns, butterflies, I love Dad and lots of rainbows and flowers. In between projects if the kids get finished early they can look at the books or do free drawing and draw they have done. They also did a bit of paper folding making cats & dogs and fortune telling blocks. Tomorrow we'll paint giant pictures, bake rainbow cupcakes and finish with a painting using unique techniques and materials. The week really is going fast! Posted by Picasa
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