Thursday, June 16, 2011

3D art camp starts with Calder

What great projects these turned out to be! When we viewed the slides Calders installations generated a lot of discussion. Kat lead the group with a video presentation and lots of great supplies. We converted hangers and cardboard into our own balanced installations adding beads and corks and imagination. The variations in projects was amazing.

Our second project was to create our own windchimes. Although the kits with the chimes came from OTC, I cut them appart so we could actually make the whole chime with added decorative touches. Kids do not learn how to tie things, it seems. Well, many of them did learn how to thread and tie on this project but our knotting skills were definately used. It was a noisy project as each of the campers jiggled the chimes to check if they would ring--many times.
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