Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wild & Wacky Science art camp keeps us hopping

We have been busy with lots of projects that take more than 1 day to complete but that is half the fun of it. We made our volcanoes on Wednesday and started glow-in-the-dark crystals. We used rigid wrap again for the volcanoes layered with newspaper over a drink bottle and plastic cup. They make up this way so much better than using paper mache only. Friday is set for the day to erupt the volcanoes. We spent some of the slide discussion time on Wed. viewing several errupting volcanoes including the most recent one in Chile. This group knows a lot about fossils and minerals but hadn't made crystals. We used a recipe I found by Anne Marie Helmenstine on Everyone is interested to see how they grow, if they will glow, if they will stick to the can...

We changed to smaller groups Thursday so we could complete the 4 projects. We had Sharon Hall with us again telling a story she created about Pele and her volcano. 

  • We created a fossil box useing sand and various bone, shells, wood and other items then poured plaster over it to make a casting. Tomorrow they get to lift off the casting and brush off the sand. 
  • Another area allowed campers to create sail cars to race. They used kits but had to do all the construction using glue and then decorate the flags. I was told they worked pretty well. 
  • The area where they made tops had to investigate which kind of a flag would help it spin and which would hinder it. Everyone wanted the jewels on their flag which made it perform the worst. 
  • Last was the area  to create shrink-it art pieces. We started out with individual cut outs then had half the group make a 1/4 page picture. The campers were amazed at how much the plastic shrank down and had fun watching it bubble and twist before it finished flat. 
We are really appreciative for all the donations and help the community and HOTT painting group have given so we have the supplies to allow us to do these projects.
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