Monday, June 20, 2011

Finishing up 3D art in motion creates many wonderful projects

It was a really busy week with lots of interesting things to make and take home. The younger group made their helicopters with a slight modification and  what a stunning job they did. We eliminated the legs and just put on the bottom rails to make it more stable and a bit easier. Of course it helps to have 3 assistants so everyone gets plenty of hands-on help.

The older group started with 5 bags of "junk" recyclables and glue guns to stick the pieces together. The variety of creations including those with multiple pieces and moving parts shows great use of imagination. There is a whole scene of a man and a boy walking a dog, a 2 seat swing that really works, all kinds of people and animals, a model of Saturn with rings, a "paddle ball" game that really works, and Rudolf the reindeer complete with okra antlers. We even learned a bit about okra pods. There was quite a bit of teamwork at points in the process as things needed holding or fitting.

We finished the day making little painted jeweled treasure boxes and wind spinners. I can hardly wait for the 2nd 3-D art camp.
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