Thursday, June 16, 2011

Windsocks, pinwheels and whirlybirds @ art camp

This was a day of challenges and accomplishments. We started with our storyteller Sharon Hall visiting and taking us on a magic carpet ride to set the stage. We moved on to creating our windsocks. The stencils and glitter glue gave us a bit more variety to the designs. All the campers were able to put this one together and make the tissue tails move in the wind.

The older group went on to create an egg carton whilybird that has propellers that really spin. It has a lot of steps but again we pulled it off and lots of OOHs and AAHs were heard.

Both goups made their 2 layer pinwheels too. I saw a lot of spinning with the pinwheel turning on its stick. They were very colorful too.

If you judge the fun level by the noise level then were are having a VERY good time. It is nice to see the kids help each other out in attching parts or knotting strings.
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