Friday, June 15, 2012

Wild & Wacky Science art camp day 3

we stated the  day with a 2 part project. We used construction paper and sequins to decorate altoids tins and serve as our rock boxes. Some were far more encrusted than their rocks. We then used more of the fimo clay to create different types of rocks--some with holes punched in them, some painted gold or with glow in the dark paints, some with a granite type look or ones with inclusions.
Our second project was one of color and movement of fluids. We started with coffee filters and colored many colored dots on them then dipped the edge in a plate of water and waited for the reaction. There were lots ohs and ahs as the colors spread but not nearly so much as the colloidal reaction. We used a plate of milk with food color then tried the effect of a Qtip--nothing, then a Q tip with detergent and the reaction was dramatic. The kids were then encouraged to gently stir the colors. Eventually of course it made a muddy color but was interesting as they went.
our last 2 projects were dymanic--we tried the experiment of propelling a soda bottle with vinegar and baking soda. Sometimes the bottles got corked and not quite flat on the floor before going off other times the cork had all the motion not the bottle, but sometimes the bottle scooted just as it should have. No matter what the kids really got into this very messy project. Secondly they used styrofoam egg cartons to make gliders and launch them. Most of them got them to fly a little way. I'd say we need some work on this one.
We finished off the week looking at our geodes which are crystalizing and our crystals. None of them glowed well but the crystals were pretty good.
Another 2 science camps are planned later in the summer.
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