Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Painting & Drawing art camp II

This was another day crammed full of drawing, sketching and painting from large to small. We started the day painting on large sized carry bags and used stamps as well as brushes to create our designs. The students were free to make whatever design they wished and they did. we loaded the stamps by tapping the paints on with foam brushes--new for most of the kids. Our next project was a Monet watercolor, "Field of Poppies." I was lucky enough to get a print of this recently so we used that to draw our basic design. The kids learned to use various watercolor techniques to preserve the colors and get the design to work. The last project was one of painting with texture paint on tiny canvases. Each drew a design and painted it using palette knives. Some of the kids loved it, some not so much but the results were great all in all. The mini easels were a hit with parents and kids alike.
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