Sunday, June 24, 2012

Incredible Insects art mini-camp JR

We started the week off reading books on bugs then making our own books. The kids learned how to keep the books together and add pages. We decorated them liberally on the cover then went inside to decorate them more. we next learned how to made fingerprint bugs which were a lot of fun. Our next project at right was creating a variety of bug--a fat but very cute bug from an egg, a dragonfly from a clothespin and a bottle cap butterfly. Great creations one and all.

 Our next focus was on butterflies so we started by painting them with metallic tempera paints then created glitzy butterfly masks to wear. Before we went out on our bug hunt we decorated our bug collectors making them into bugs with big fluffy heads.
We grabbed our special magnifying glasses and went hunting for bugs in the yard. The glasses include a set of tweezers but most of the kids just scooped the rolly pollies and snail shells up in their fingers. We also found ants and spiders out there.
The kids were excited to be able to take the magnifying glasses home. Great find at Dollar Tree.
Our last day we got into the clay to create a bug house or bee hive for the bees from salt clay over a small flower pot. The Jr. Councellors had stamped out spiders in clay the night before so the campers could paint them. We used tempera cakes to paint them and the made our spiderwebs from construction paper strips and donated embroidery hoops. Turned out really good and most got a bead or two for the bugs that got caught. Lastly we closed with ants on a log but used graham cracker strips instead of celery to put the peanut butter and raisins on top. Must have been good as none were left.

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