Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Painting & Drawing art camp III

Landscapes are hard for kids to envision but once they get the idea of it they really run with it. This group has a really broad age range--5 to 13 so a lot of room to cover. Each person drew their own landscape then used artist's paints to paint the boards (we used foam core boards for this) The younger kids did much better when the theme was "draw and paint a park" Using colors was so much bigger for them.
We also used a crackled surface to paint a scene of a lighthouse that graced the cover of one of our books. Drawing the lighthouse was a bit of a task but once we got it they then used texture paints to complete the project. Our last project for the week was painting on ceramic tiles with gloss paints. Each of the kids got 2-4 tiles to do their project which was an open subject. We had sunsets and dragons and color use projects. Great week of painting.
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