Friday, June 15, 2012

Wild & Wacky Science art camp 1

The camp got off to a fun start making glow in the dark crystals and setting up for geodes. We got all the solutions mixed and the eggs all settled into their cups to try and grow crystals. Mine grew much more slowly than the example one so we are on wait and see. We moved on to mousetrap catapults. At first many of the kids were afraid they'd snap their fingers but once they got enough tape onto the blocks they relaxed and got the devise constructed. we then moved to the adjacent room for testing. The pictures show a LOT of testing. No one was afraid anymore! We measured how  far several items could be launched--pompoms, tape wads, and paper wads. Mostly they were excited that they could shoot each other with the soft items. Our last project was to make salt/flour clay and sculpt with it.  Everyone learned how to knead and use palette knives to help them in working with the clay. This one is air dry so they just took them home to dry.
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