Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fantasy & whimsy art mini-camp 1 unicorns, knights, castles

We started the week with the book "No one rides the unicorn" and a painting project making a unicorn magnet. Each student got to pick their own color scheme and then painted the unicorn face adding sand for texture for the mane and horn. Some of them added stars or rainbows in the background and glued the picture to magnet squares--great reuse of old magnet pieces. We read "Castle and Knight" and made our own castles complete with turrets, drawbridges, torches, flags, and some interesting signage using tissue boxes, tp tubes, straws, and construction paper. Some got a bit of paint but most used the boxes and papers to accomplish their castles. Last project of the day was over-sized finger puppets made from paper plate wedges. We read "the Princess Knight" and fashioned our best fantasy princesses and knights. The day went so fast that we ran out of time. 
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