Thursday, June 21, 2012

Customizing cuzzies with artistic touches @WBCL

 A few years ago someone left a box of cuzzies behind after a program. I figured it was about time to use the box up and clear the space with a project that would give them a useful life. For the uninformed cuzzies are those foam things you put cold cans or bottles into so that you can drink your beverage and they stay cool longer. 
We first brushed the outside of them with Aleene's tacky glue then applies a patchwork of bright colored tissue pieces (leftovers from classes and donations). We then wrapped the result in a length of lace and glued it down using more of the tacky glue or hot glue on the seam. Lastly the kids picked out foam letters from another donation bag to put onto the outside of the cups--their initials or other. Cute and useful project. 
We are into full swing of summer and ran out of tickets early. Most projects only have enough supplies for the number of tickets issued. Hope your family has fun doing arts & crafts with me this summer.
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