Saturday, June 30, 2012

Film Canister Uncle Sam Poppers for July 4th @WBCL

Finding uses for some of the donations takes time but every one of them finally becomes a project or two or more. This box of 35mm film canisters has been sitting a LONG time in the cabinet. It didn't take too much to convert the ugly container into a cute Uncle Sam necklace full of confetti to throw around on the 4th. 

I drilled 2 small holes in the bottom to insert plastic cord for the necklace. Another donation of wood hearts supplied the Sam heads. I sanded the canister tops and glued the hearts on before class using GlueAll but it did not hold. We re-glued all the tops before class. Thanks to the mom and kids who helped out on this. A bit of white paper was wrapped around the canister and the participants cut red strips for the stripes and glued or taped them on. They added part of a cotton ball for a beard and eyes to complete the face. Bet I see a few of them at the Wells Branch 4th Fest celebration. I'll be there helping people make fans to keep cool.
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