Thursday, July 29, 2010

Puppet mini-camp day 2

It was another busy day for the campers making new puppets and learning about shadow puppets and puppet shows from Bill Woodburn from Random Acts Puppets. Bill actually performed 2 stories and gave us some information about puppet boxes in history and the kinds of shows he does. The campers got to handle some of his puppets and ask lots of questions. As he began Rapunzel, campers slipped to their boxes and got out their Rapunzel's to act along with the story. Every where I looked puppets were creeping out into the audience!

We tried a new finger puppet using a rubber dish glove to make rain forest birds. A bit of fun foam for beaks, a handful of feathers, googly eyes and fun foam hearts for faces and we had an instant puppet.

Our last project of the day was making puppets from paper bags using one of the books from the library "Look What you can make with paper bags" as our guide. We'll finish them the last day and use some of them in our puppet show as the finale. One of the students has created the entire 3 pigs story to perform complete with props. Others are chatting up their mermaids and other people all the time. It is really hard to leave any of the puppets in the boxes for long. I heard plans of "play dates with my friends to use my puppets." How is that for art that shares?

The Arts mini-camp is held at the Wells Branch Community Library and taught by Dianne Koehler.
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