Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mosaics @ Mini-art camp feature Aztecs, T-shirts

Mosaic camp got off with a bang! We spent the lunch period looking at the history of mosaics including ones and the ones from La Maison Picassiette where he covered his entire house and garden in mosaics. We also looked at Aztec masks of a variety of materials and talked about thier use. The library has a large selection of books on mosaics that are available to the campers to view this week too.

Each group made a t-shirt (pictures coming) of an animal stamped using tiles cut from foam meat trays. We used regular acrylic paints for this project with good results. The turtle group even got to embelish theirs with metallics.

The groups then created Aztec masks using plastic masks I sprayed with flat black paint and fun foam squares to create the designs. Lastly we added a couple of feathers to the top of some of the masks. They were so popular that most of the campers wore them home!

Our last project was creating a bead mosaic on a small flowerpot or crystal light container. This was a bit chalenging as the round surface does not hold heavy beads well but hot glue (cool melt) to the rescue and the designs were coming out very well.

You will see us in the bright orange aprons donated by our local Home Depot for the art camps. 

The Arts mini-camp is held at the Wells Branch Community Library and taught by Dianne Koehler.

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