Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rocket or Space ships @ WBCL

"Space the final frontier" Say this to a group of kids and they still know what it means. We talked a little about Star Trek and space ships then dove into the recycling box for the materials to make a rocket or other space ship. Imaginations ran rampant as they added to their paper towel tube. All kinds of paper egg cups, straws, tp tubes, and tissue paper were vital to their projects. Some used metalic shred for the exhaust, others tissue paper. We assemble everything with a combination of Aleene's tacky glue and low temp hot glue.

Windows were created with the insets on the top of the egg cartons and irridescent tissue. Many covered the rocket in metalic tissue or the irridescent tissue. A few created intricate wing configurations or docking stations. One even added a few craft sticks to make a space station. We have been trying to find more exotic uses for items that get donated or could be recycled/repurposed. This one is really a winner in the imagination category. 

The Family Arts & Crafts group meets at the Wells Branch Community Library every Wednesday night at 6 pm taught by Dianne Koehler.
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