Thursday, July 1, 2010

Making colorful pinwheels @ WBCL for July 4th

It was simple and fun and might even require a degree in engineering to make it work but the group managed to create pinwheels from donated scrapbook paper and drinking straws.

 The process is simple but very exacting: mark the square exactly from corner to corner, make a circle in the center or mark about an inch from the center to prevent cutting the pinwheel too close. We used a thumbtack to start the hole in the straw and stretched it using a sharp pencil. Assembly included threading all the corners to the center on a brad, adding a pony bead as a spacer and bending the points flat to let it spin. 
As you can see many of our pinwheels are in motion.

The Family Arts & Crafts group meets at the Wells Branch Community Library every Wednesday night at 6 pm taught by Dianne Koehler.
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