Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art Campers draw their Picasso face

What is the thing you look at most frequently and cannot figure out what it looks like?? It is your own face! The campers got to do this 2 times then add colors to it. First we drew ourselves as we remembered what we looked like--it was hard to get face shape and features--everyone wanted to look at a mirror. Then we did a second drawing looking into a mirror. Now the
dilemma was how to draw a nose or ears--how to make the hair look right--the older they were, the more cautious they got. Last we got out the colored pencils and finished the portraits in "our" colors much like ones from Andy Warhol that we looked at in our art survey at the beginning of class. Lots of the drawings really looked a bit like the students. They did a good job.
The 1/2 day art camp is held at the Wells Branch Library
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