Thursday, August 20, 2009

Families decorate minibags with jewels at Wells Branch Library

I am totally for this easy and popular project! I also am in love with the Dollar Store for stocking the bags and the catalog site where we got the jewels in bulk!! we were not at capacity last night but we were really close as we have been all summer. As you can see the bags are not big but the effect certainly is. The kids and parents used jewels, sequins, glitter glue and scribbles paints to decorate the bags. Two moms opted to get a ticket so they could do their own bag. Of course most of the boys bailed as this looked too much like a "girlie" project to them. The ones that stayed made the bags into something anyone would love--who could argue with a dog or a brontosaurus on the bag? I hadn't planned to put out the scribbles but the glitter glue was not enough to satisfy members of this crowd--the need pink and other colors opened our cabinet to satisfy the artists. Some learned a lesson on the squeeze paints--if you squeeze hard enough, lots comes out! I only wish I had time to do the projects with them and I imagine the same is true of my helpers.
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