Thursday, August 6, 2009

Art camp day 2 painting t's, quilting & paper weaving

We were so busy that I got no pictures during the day. We looked at lots of quilt examples and examined the embroidered and 9 patch quilt I brought. Each one of the campers sewed a single block and learned how they join together to make a quilt. Most of the campers had never held a needle (including one of the assistants) but that didn't stop them. We went on from quilting to paper weaving using old bookmarks we cut into strips. The concept of alternating strips is hard to explain but once the kids began to see the "over and under" "make them alternate" method, we had a pretty good time. I have to say that the desire to make the strips match was hard to overcome for some of them.
We painted T-shirts using a variety of tools--sponges and stamps, stencils and sponge brushes. Each person decided on their own design and colors and off they went. My plan was to use the fabric medium--never happened. We did finish some of the designs off with glitter paints which is always popular. My assistants did their shirts the night before to have an example to model.
The 1/2 day art camps are at the Wells Branch Community Library.
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