Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mixed media mini-camp bring out creative thread @WB Annex

 It was a week for learning new things, combining things and generally playing with lots of materials to create our projects. We started by learning to do tape sculptures using our hand to form a bunny. Sticky fun but they turned out really well--even on the few kids who wrapped the tape so tight I thought we'd have them encased forever.

We moved on to a recycled project using a CD, tiles, brass candle cup inserts and knife handle to make an owl. Our last project was a metal sculpture on a 4x4" canvas. The kids used the metal bit in so many different ways being only limited by time.

Pictures of day 1
 We started the 2nd day learning to do simple weaving on the back of a hotel card with slots cut into it. The campers did not not have difficulty doing the initial wrap and pretty soon everyone had depleted the first piece of yarn and was asking for more. Most added beads or other items they found in my parts box. Quite a few went home with their card and needles to make more.
 We split into groups for this one and still the over whelming smell from nail paint was pretty strong. The campers got a 2" metal disk and painted a layered design on it using the nail enamel. They later added a ribbon to it so it could be hung or worn. This has been a great project for groups except for the smell. It always turns out great.
Our last projects of the day were to teach layering and use of objects to make a background. the campers had to sand the surface first then add string to one in the shape of a curly tree. The other one got lots of paper shapes then random layers of tissue paper, some what nots, a large  layer of tissue applied with decoupage glue, then a bit of a dry and painting using sparkle tempera paints. Wish we would have gone slower and added stuff to this one the next day.
Day 2 pictures

We started the last day of camp with a challenging finale--to create a total design using a variety of papers and the techniques we learned during the last 2 days. They created either a guitar or a hot air balloon as their project adding beads, threads and other items over the paper background. A couple of campers like the look of the overlay of tissue paper and glitter paint and finished theirs in that manner. It was a really great way to finish up.

Our last project was more of a 3D than mixed media per se. I got glass panels from a friend. We drew a pattern for a goldfish or Koi then painted sea weeds on the back of the glass panel. We then flipped it over and painted the fish on the front side complete with shading and color mixing. Everyone got a ribbon to string through the hole to hang it up. Lots of wows on this one as it dawned on them how they were creating depth.

Day 3 pictures
Guitars and hot air balloons
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