Friday, July 12, 2013

Dragons and mythical creatures art mini-camp @WB Annex 2

Finishing off the week with more project and as one mom put it "more magic." When we attempted wire art earlier this summer most kids had a hard time with it but this time we were in the grove.
We did a fairy or elf first using chenille stems, pony beads, a clay bead I made, and wire ribbon for wings and clothes. The guys wanted swords so created them from wood sticks and aluminum tape. Several of the elves were totally dressed in aluminum tape armor by the time they were completed. I saw sword fighting going on and then the creations got to climb aboard the dragons we made next.

Following along with a complex wire project is always a challenge but everyone got a dragon created in the end with wings and many with fire spitting out the front. I found very large chenille stems that were more curly at Oriental trading for this one and used some glittery wire mesh for the wings. Of course the eyes and some of the pompoms just needed hot glue. The kids are in love with it once they use it. The idea was to make them small enough to fit into the eggs but most of them sat on the eggs instead.
We talked a bit about the types of dragons and how Chinese dragons are different from the European ones. We created the dragons from a paper bag and strips of colored card stock joined with brads. They are decorated with all kinds of paper from shred to tissue paper, paper plate pieces to construction paper. some had long tails with streamers on them. We were even able to add bells to them and a chenille stem or two. Our dance was very short as time just ran out but lots of fun anyway. 
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