Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All about birds Day 1

 What a great fun first day we had. We got to look at pictures that some of the neighbors sent to me herons and egrets and a few hawks. We started our day by creating a cover for the artwork that we will do this week. I had the kids draw what they wanted on the cover then some of them painted it in using texture paste. They will continue to add items to their cover all week. We spent about an hour doing drawings of owls and hawks. The step-by-step technique to do the owl and the hawk resulted in really great drawings. A few of our hawks, including mine, were a little fat. The wings and tails on them though turned out very well.
We then broke into a craft that was new for all of them. We talked a little bit about quilling and what it has been used for then began pieces to quill a card. We used the cut toothpicks as our quilling devices which worked pretty well. We did palm trees in green with a simple trunk then a pink flamingo. They learned how to shape the body, make legs and beaks, and shape a neck to put the whole thing together. Some went on to add suns, stars and other embellishments. It looks so hard and elegant. 
Last project was a multi-layer paper bird. Angel and Kat made samples on this one but the kids didn't need leading on this. They were supposed to make a big bird and they did. They used colored paper scraps, shred, tissue paper, streamers, ribbons and feathers in all kinds of combinations. We even had 5 minutes to clean up and get ready for parents.  For lots of pictueres take a look:  Day 1 picx
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