Thursday, March 14, 2013

All about birds mini-art camp day 2

It was another day of day of nonstop drawing and creating. We discussed the various waterfowl in our parking in Texas, view photos of them on the Cornell site, then drew several of the waterfowl. The drawings of the heron, and egrets, and mallards were fantastic. They learned to transfer their drawings onto watercolor paper then did a watercolor painting of their mallards.
We also created songbirds from sheets of sheet music and mounted them on clothespins so they would be "note birds." During our last project of the day students elected several methods of completing their Firebird or Phoenix. Some chose to use watercolor, others opted for colored pencils or oil pastels. We took a brief walk out to the courtyard to see if we could identify any birds in our area then came back in and did a sketch of the ones we found.

click on the link to see more pictures of the day at camp:  bird camp day 2

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