Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Colors across Texas day 2 art mini-camp

 We had so much fun and made such a MESS! We started looking at beaches and talking about them then each camper designed a beach scene on a 4" pot. They tried out snow-tex and all kinds of paint spreading and applying. Every pot was so different. 

We next kept to the beaches theme and drew and painted a sea shell on a small tote bag. They had small shells to hold and draw onto the bag then paint. The kids really got into the texture so it got on these too. 

Our last project was the bat bridge at sunset with chalk pastels. We drew our bridges and then layer out the way we wanted the sunset to look. Some of the campers got so involved with the pastels that the skies are surreal and the kids had as much chalk on them as the paper.  We spent a few minutes gluing our drawing of the Texas windmill we did yesterday. I am tired so they must be too.
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