Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Insects-bugs, butterflies, bees Day 1 @ WB MUD

Today started off raining but that did not phase our artists. We worked on a lot of different kinds of bugs--insects and arachnids--drawing them, gluing them, painting them and examining them. I was lucky over the last week to find a lot of different bugs to put into containers for camp. I know the kids get to look at pictures at school but there is something super fun about looking at real ones. Each camper was given a magnifying glass to use in examining the bugs--butterflies, moths, a moth chrysalis, a beetle, a pair of stink bugs, and a few clay bugs I made up yesterday. We also have a great supply of books from the library to look at and use for reference.
We spent time drawing several of the bugs--trying to make them realistic as possible. The littler campers did fingerprint bugs too. All of them made bug jars from spice jars and pompoms. we will use them this week to store the bugs we catch. We also fashioned bugs from plastic eggs and glitter foam sheets. Kids do like glitter, so much that the dragonflies got a good coat of glitter paint to customize them. Only 2 more days to go.
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