Thursday, June 12, 2014

Painting and drawing birds at the WB Annex mini-art camp

It was a fantastic first day of art camp! We are using a grid drawing method this year and it is really paying off in helping with shape and proportion on a more difficult theme--birds. We talked about local birds naming the ones that we were familiar with and the ones we had seen. kids are willing to try anything and we did.
We hit on some bird facts: hawks fly 120 mph when diving. The younger kids read a couple of books and created all kinds of owl projects in the morning. the older kids learned quilling and created an owl on an index card. Once they got the hang of it many added branches and other details. Lots of broken sticks for some of them. The final project was a watercolor of the teal winged duck supplied by our local birding group. Not everyone liked my streaky feathers and many smoothed theirs then added water and sky to them. They all got the beautiful teal and blue wing in.

Day 2 was more painting--painted birdhouses and the teal wing water color for the beginners, a hummingbird for the Jr group. The younger group created an edible nest with eggs (way too sweet we decided) and little pompom birds for their birdhouses. The older group  investigated peacocks and the did a pastel drawing on black background of a peacock. They decided it looked far better on black than the one I did with another group on white paper. They also got

to make their dodo birds or a bird of a different sort.

Resource books for the week from WBCL:
 Baby Bird's first nest
 The book of North American owls
 Eyewitness Books: Eagle & birds of prey
 Meet the peacock
 Thunder birds: nature's flying predators
 Duckling days
 Fine feathered friends
 Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!
 If I never forever endeavor
 Feathers and fools
 Fly by night

Photos at: drawing birds 14 Jr day 1  & drawing birds 14 beginners day 1

Painting drawing birds JR day 2  painting drawing birds beg day 2

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