Thursday, April 21, 2011

Making our own recylce center @WBCL/ recycled creatures

It is great to be able to use old boxes and containers for some new purpose and in this case as a spot to collect items to sort them for or repurposing. The library has had many large coffee containers and boxes donated to use in the program. They are not ideal for storage for me as I want to be able to see what is in the container but for a sorting location they are great. Everyone decorated their own and put on messages that they thought were important. One of the parents made a mail container for her car with her daughter to get that under control. What a great idea!

For the second second session we made creatures out of materials that were "found." The results are always fun and creative and this time was no different. Some of the creatures are clearly "out of this world!" One of the kids decided that the rag was just perfect to create a horse puppet with the addition of the glue spreading sticks. Clever!
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