Friday, July 3, 2015

Stars & stripes week gets us ready for the 4th

Kicking off the 4th with STYLE! 
Lots of drawing the first day and the kids were up to it. We did waving flags that involved drawing cones then the stripes. we then painted them with glitter paint. 

We turned paper plates and long paper into great Uncle Sam tophats with lots of construction paper and stars. 

Our last project was to draw and finish out an eagle. some painted their eagle, some used feathers and some did a combination. Great eagles every one. 

Great work on the float. We had the kids vote on what the float would be, then draw and make all the components. Feathers take some time to draw and cut out!  They added all kinds of little details like the talons on the feet, great feathers for the head using white cosmetic pads cut to shape. 

We did a bit of drawing today too, a bit of fun stuff making lanterns and bracelets and a starry guy. 

The lady liberty was a 2-part project to make the fireworks then do a pastel of her.

The final day was full of fun stuff and completing the float. I did the basic  structural box to box and box to wagon but the kids and counsellors did all the rest. The kids made straw rockets and confetti poppers with lots of decorations on them. We wisely did not test the rockets until the end or they'd have been shooting them all day.

lots of pictures at Stars & Stripes art camp
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