Friday, June 26, 2015

Our planet our world is creative beyond what I expected!!

First day of camp was a smash hit. we did a lesson on symmetry. Did I say lesson?? project and it was fantastic. followed with a reading of The Lorax and an interpretive project. Our finally project was a denim and fabric appliqué one and several of the kids wanted to sew theirs together instead of glue the pieces on. What a real win. Our planet our world pictures

The cork and bead pendants really got everyone going. The campers
learned a bit of wire work with the beads, esp tiny beads and charms. the beaded windsocks let us use several techniques including painting and beading. We did yet another beading project drawing a design on berry containers and turning them into beaded pins and more. Our last design went back to some symmetry on a light bulb create hot air balloons. tomorrow we add the gondolas.

This was the most amazing day!! we finished our hot air balloons adding gondolas and occupants, made clay from cornstarch baking soda and tempera powder, and created coin holders from a class I took at Austin Creative Reuse, lastly we turned all kinds of plastic tubs into aliens or alien craft. Some were even peaking out or sticking out. I am having a hard time deciding which was the best project. We did get a lot of different ideas for using things that we might recycle or just toss. The kids were super creative and everyone put their own spin on the projects. What art camp is all about!

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